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I often hear brides say that they don’t want to spend a lot of money on their invitations. Or that they don’t really care about what their invites look like because it’s ‘just an invitation’. Well, it really is so much more than ‘just an invitation’! The invitation truly does set the mood for your wedding! It is the first part of the journey to your big day that your guests will see – and your invitation will either get them excited to see what else is to come along the way, or it will just make them feel like your wedding is another obligation on their list of things to do, people to see, places to go!

No one is saying you need to spend a fortune on your invites, but you at least should create something that will make people look at it for more than a second!

Some tips for a successful invite:
– make it reflect your personality and the type of wedding you plan on having
– triple check for spelling errors
– make sure the font and typesize you select is easy to read
– don’t be afraid of color, even if it’s just a hint of color
– flat printing can look just as pretty as thermography and letterpress, and is only half the cost
– don’t spend a fortune on hand calligraphy for your envelopes – computer calligraphy is just as pretty and much less expensive


So put some time into creating that invite, and see how exciting it will be when you start getting the text messages and/or phone calls that you’re invitation is the nicest invitation they’ve even seen!

Happy Planning!!